ST/OPS Tactical Training Canada, ULC (ST/OPS Canada) provides Hyper-Realistic® training services and products for military, law enforcement, and other organizations responsible for domestic security. The company employs State-of-the-Art “Hollywood” style battlefield and combat wound effects, role players, military and police subject matter experts, and training scenarios to create training environments that are the most unique in the industry. ST/OPS Canada has supported section level through to battle group level training with these services at CFB Suffield, Alberta as well as at other military installations in Canada and the U.S.A. ST/OPS Canada also delivers specialized tactical medical training, such as Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) as well as customized programmes. Through its parent U.S. Company (Strategic Operations Inc (STOPS)), ST/OPS Canada manufactures patented modular mobile MOUT systems (known as Re-locatable Habitat Units (RHU)), medical simulation systems, props, faux weapons, live fire targets, and range enhancements. It also constructs, enhances, and transforms MOUT facilities.


ST/OPS Canada provides an array of medical services, from Products and Training to Programme Development. ST/OPS Canada has former military medical personnel on staff with experience ranging from surgery and battlefield care to special operations. Our goal is to provide the best knowledge and expertise through tried and true methods and the latest medical procedures and programmes.


ST/OPS Canada provides total, turn-key, training support services and solutions including role players, battlefield effects, combat wound special effects, instructors and subject matter experts, mobile training teams, and a full range of support services.


Using all the techniques of the TV/Movie industries, STOPS manufactures props, weapons, sets, MOUT structures, RHUs, "atmospherics", ship simulators, and training devices. STOPS installs these products on military installations throughout Canada, the U.S. and overseas, bringing unparalleled fidelity to the training world. Hyper-Realism® is the now the often stated goal in military training.

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TCCC Advanced Moulage Kit (TAMK)

Strategic Operations Inc. wearable wounds are designed to give realistic tactile and visual feedback in a multitude of training environments.

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